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According to the Privacy Rights Clearing House, since 2005, over half a BILLION confidential records were compromised due to security breaches–- over 30 million since the beginning of this year alone!

Truth is, small businesses which have suffered a breach either suffer substantial financial loss (the average annual cost of an attack is estimated at $188,242 according to Symantec and Applied Research), loss of customer confidence or completely shut their doors within 2 years of the incident.

Sadly, many companies cut corners in this core vital area…protection of corporate and customer data.

Don’t leave your company’s confidential data and trade secrets out there…ripe for the picking by some relentless thief!

Yet, many small to medium sized businesses may not be aware of exactly how much their data is at risk. Safeguarding your business is key, and not always at the forefront of many business owners minds.

Don't become a victim. There are many attack vectors that can leave you exposed. In tough economic times, oftentimes this portion of many IT budgets take the first cuts. There are at least 9 primary types of attack vectors. Some of these include:

Security is a strategy and you must remain vigilant. It all starts here! 224-353-0013

You cannot afford to not be protected. Contact us today to schedule your network security evaluation to see if you are at imminent risk.

Does the Threat of Computer Viruses, Hackers and Malware Constantly Get in the Way of Doing Business?

A comprehensive security solution from Affinity Computer Solutions means your business gets:

No matter whether your firm needs security consulting, intrusion prevention service, wireless network security and protection, spyware and virus removal, Internet security, data security management, etc.

We are your complete data and network security services company.



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